WiredScore welcomes Series A investment and celebrates 5 years

Wiredscore | Arie Barendrecht on October 23, 2018

Five years ago, a small team and I brought WiredScore to life. I remember looking around the room at our first press briefing and announcing that in partnership with Mayor Bloomberg, we would be taking on New York’s connectivity problem. At the time, technology was well on its way to becoming the backbone of almost every industry and businesses were advancing their digital connectivity requirements faster than New York’s office buildings could support them. Mayor Bloomberg and the city government were unsure of what it would take for the city’s buildings to catch up and we were the team who would answer that for them.

Excited to take on the challenge, I was fortunate to be joined by a group of talented and dedicated teammates willing to take a leap of faith on something fairly unproven. That early team worked to refine our solution and together we created an industry standard by which connectivity within office buildings could be measured and rated. That same team still works with our clients today. (Phil Kanfer, Aaron Meyerson, John Meko, Shannon Shaw, William Newton, Tom Redmayne, and Stuart Willson, thanks for sticking with me!)

Introducing a brand new concept to any industry is challenging, especially in real estate. Fortunately, a group of forward-thinking landlords responded to our idea and committed buildings throughout Manhattan to our rating system, Wired Certification. We used the system to help Landlords understand how well equipped their buildings were to support the technology their tenants required and then worked with them to improve weaknesses in each building. Some of those early Landlords include: Rudin Management, Empire State Realty Trust, SL Green, Hines and Beacon Capital. They have since adopted Wired Certification across their portfolios, demonstrating a real commitment to providing high-tech and innovative work spaces.

Five years later, I’m incredibly humbled and proud of all that we’ve accomplished. Wired Certification is live throughout the US, the UK, France, Germany, Ireland and Canada. We work with over 450 clients, 1,700 buildings and 450m square feet of certified office space. Throughout this expansion, we’ve grown a team of 50 dedicated and talented people who work tirelessly to help us reach our mission to make the world a better connected place. We would not be where we are now without today’s team who carry with them the same level of commitment and passion as the first people to join WiredScore years ago.  

Most exciting of all, though, is that as a result of our efforts over 4 million people now work within Wired Certified buildings and have access to amazing digital connectivity. Connectivity is an enabler that drives innovation and allows businesses large and small to create products and services of the future. While I care passionately about pristine telecom rooms and redundant fiber loops, connectivity is primarily important because of how it lets people communicate and what it lets them create.

Today, as I reflect on our progress, I am thrilled to announce that WiredScore has officially raised a $9M Series A from some of the world’s leading commercial real estate investors.

For our team, there is nothing more exciting than seeing clients of ours all over the world become so engaged with our mission that they want to get behind it in this way. Legal & General, KingSett Capital, U+I, Town Centre Securities, MOMENI Digital Ventures, and Savitt Partners, we thank you for your support. It serves as a motivating signal that the real estate community is onboard for the challenge and we are excited to continue moving forward together.

Additionally, Bessemer Venture Partners, Fifth Wall and Sterling.VC, we thank you for sticking with us for a second time as part of this round. Your enthusiasm for our mission and support for me and the team has been inspiring - I look forward to continuing our work together.

Powered by unparalleled expertise in the intersection of real estate and technology, WiredScore has created a certification that is being adopted more rapidly than any other in history. Our Series A investment will help us to grow our team and further develop our product so that we can continue to close the gap between the technology that people rely on to succeed and the buildings and services that power that tech. There is zero question that digital connectivity is an increasingly important driver of where people choose to locate and spend their time, and we are grateful and excited to be the team that Landlords turn to in order to guide them through the complexities of in-building technology. If we succeed in simplifying the experience for Landlords who are ready to take this on, that’s a win for us all.

Today, I thank our team, our customers and our investors for putting their trust in us and we will work every day to ensure it is deserved.

arie headshot circle Arie Barendrecht is the CEO and Founder of WiredScore. Wired Certification launched in September 2013 as “WiredNYC,” and has since expanded across North America, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

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