WiredScore update: changes to our team

WiredScore News | Arie Barendrecht on April 09, 2020

The WiredScore team

When I started WiredScore in 2013, I set out to solve a problem that many people were only just beginning to see. Connectivity would be paramount to business, that part was obvious, but its provision within the built environment was complicated and lacked transparency.

In order to solve this problem, it was evident early on that we were going to need an elite team of specialist skill sets: telecom engineers, real estate professionals, marketers, product experts, client success pros - the list goes on. We looked far and wide to bring together this team and I’m enormously proud of how we’ve been able to assemble a collection of individuals who not just have those skills but collectively live and breath our core values. 

On this journey, never did I imagine such a difficult scenario as we faced this week. Coronavirus is an unprecedented moment in history. In a matter of weeks it has turned the lives of our clients, partners and entire team upside down. And in turn has stopped many businesses in their tracks. At no point could we have predicted the sudden impact it would have across all parts of our lives. 

Like all companies, we’re doing our best to prepare for what’s ahead and to ensure that we can continue to achieve our mission. We have taken the necessary precautionary measures to cut costs where possible. We’ve also worked with partners, shareholders and advisers far and wide, and we are grateful for their support. Despite all of this, it is with a tremendously heavy heart that I share this week we've also had to place great teammates on temporary leave or to let people go. 

This was an announcement that I never imagined I would have to make. These are people who have helped build this business and to whom I will be grateful for forever. Each one of them has also played a meaningful role in making WiredScore such an energising and rewarding place for others to work and grow. In true WiredScore spirit we’ll do as much as we can to make their next chapter a success, and I can promise that WiredScore people make fantastic hires if you’re looking to grow your team. 

Despite the outlook being uncertain globally, I remain positive and optimistic in two things. The first is that in the future, connectivity will be more important than ever, bringing different people in different buildings in different countries together, aiding them to collaborate effortlessly and collaborate seamlessly. The second is that, although the near future will be tough without a doubt, the WiredScore team will bounce back. 

Thank you and stay safe,


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