The Rt Hon Jeremy Wright MP on the social and economic importance of connectivity

WiredScore Home, BTR Market | Henry Pethybridge on July 08, 2019

On May 30th, we officially launched WiredScore Home, the first digital connectivity rating scheme for the build-to-rent market, in a room full of long supporting advocates. 

We were delighted to have industry leaders from SAY Property Consultants, Allsop, LaSalle and EG join a panel discussion alongside a speech from the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, The Rt Hon Jeremy Wright MP.

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In his speech Jeremy Wright touched on the importance of wireless connectivity as a competitive edge for the UK, ‘WiredScore is an important part of the package of work that is needed if we are to be a truly world-leading digital economy.’

Read Jeremy Wright's full speech here

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He insisted on the fact that our homes are increasingly becoming a modern and flexible workplace, allowing older workers or people with disabilities to play an active part in the workforce. Such opportunities can only be realised with modern infrastructure, ‘Digital connectivity is the key that unlocks this new productivity.’

WiredScore Home’s new rating scheme provides a greater transparency putting consumers first and helping them see how strong the connectivity is in a property before they commit to buying or renting it. 

‘Nearly half of the Institute of Directors’ members say that improved connectivity at home would help their employees to work more flexibly. It also comes as no surprise that it is one of the top issues that renters consider when choosing where to live. But good information on connectivity can often be hard to find, especially for new build properties with no previous tenants.’

According to Jeremy Wright, the UK can be the world leader in 5G but our future prosperity depends on consumers having trust in new technology and making the most of the opportunities it provides. High digital connectivity in new homes and reliable digital infrastructure are the foundations upon which a modern digital economy is built. 

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At the event WiredScore also launched its latest study on the effects of connectivity. You can download it now - Poor Foundations: the state of UK Home Connectivity report to access full findings and more insights from BTR’s main influencers.

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For more information about WiredScore Home, or to enquire about other projects, please reach out to the WiredScore team here.



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