Picton wires up for best occupier experience

Interview | Marie Escaich on May 25, 2018

Picton Property, an award-winning company investing in commercial property across the UK, prides itself in putting occupier experience at the heart of its approach. Understanding that connectivity is key to attracting and retaining occupiers, Picton adopted Wired Certification to demonstrate the superior connectivity of the buildings in its portfolio.

Recognising the need for digital connectivity

“Understanding occupiers’ requirements is at the core of our vision when designing spaces; this is why we take connectivity very seriously” explains Tim Hamlin, Senior Asset Manager at Picton Property.

Today, data is the backbone of business. Therefore, reliable connectivity is a fundamental component of a company’s infrastructure. In practice, occupiers cannot truly operate without fast, reliable and secure phone and internet connections - any delays will result in frustration and financial costs.

Showcasing excellent connectivity

“When businesses look for space, connectivity is increasingly the key issue. Getting communications and data systems up and running as quickly as possible is in many ways more important than fit out or the terms of the lease. However, achieving this can often take a significant amount of time. As a landlord, we need to make sure we provide the information and infrastructure to support the needs of contemporary businesses."

In order to demonstrate the high standards of connectivity in their buildings, Picton decided to pursue Wired Certification for 180 West George Street and Queen’s House in Glasgow – the first two Wired Certified buildings in Scotland.

Better connected assets to provide better customer service

“The requirement for connectivity is only going to increase. Undertaking this exercise now provides us with the data to understand a building’s strengths and weaknesses and make improvements where required.”

Upon an initial assessment, WiredScore made recommendations for both buildings to achieve the highest possible ratings. Once the certification process had been completed, Picton received Wired Certified Gold and Silver ratings for 180 West George Street and Queen’s House respectively, demonstrating the excellent levels of connectivity they provide.

“Wired Certification allows us to showcase the digital capabilities of both buildings and demonstrate the possibility to install digital infrastructure quickly and efficiently if required. In our experience this is very attractive to tenants.”

Wired Certification enables Picton to highlight the world-class connectivity within its buildings and makes it easy for prospective tenants and businesses to understand the buildings’ digital features and solutions available to them.

Key information

Landlord: Picton

Wired Certified Buildings: 180 West George Street and Queen’s House

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

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