LiFi: Shining a light on the future of connectivity

Tech, LiFi | Sanjaya Ranasinghe on March 13, 2018

Developed in 2011 by Professor Harald Haas, Professor of Mobile Communications at the University of Edinburgh, LiFi is a networking technology that uses LED bulbs via the light they produce to enable a new mode of wireless communication.  

The work undertaken by Professor Haas and his team has revolutionised the basic principles used in TV remote controls for decades to a position where this technology represents the next step in wireless connectivity, offering a number of advancements on the current state of play.

Benefit #1: More data per second
LiFi is capable of delivering datarates at least equal to that of the latest fibre technology, promising end to end, full bandwidth, availability between users and their back-end systems.
Benefit #2: Greater control
It can offer greater control too. While the main lights in an office may be connected to the public network, specific desk lights can be configured to transmit specific data, thus provisioning access to certain parts of the network on a desk-by-desk basis.
Benefit #3: Extra capacity
And, being based around light rather radio waves, there are significantly more concurrent network connections possible within a LiFi bubble than to a typical WiFi access point, allowing it to deliver the extra capacity essential for offices packed with connected devices.

LiFi shouldn’t be considered as a replacement for WiFi but rather a complementary technology to both WiFi and 5G. This harmony of wireless technologies will provide the additional bandwidth and network capacity required as more and more connected devices continue to be introduced into our lives.

Maybe the most interesting aspect of LiFi, is how this new technology blurs the barriers between design and functionality in an office. Lighting is a key part of workplace design and there is now an opportunity for landlords to engage in greater dialogue with tenants to define their connectivity needs as an integrated part of this design step.

And while they may not yet be in a position to deploy LiFi technology throughout their properties, these conversations with their tenants aids landlords in becoming occupier led in the way they configure their buildings.  

LiFi promises an exciting future for connectivity. By beginning conversations around its potential now, landlords can begin taking steps, such as ensuring the provision of fibre throughout the building, giving tenants the opportunity to use the technology the moment it’s available.


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