Digital connectivity is establishing Ireland as a European hub for business

| Marie Escaich on July 18, 2017

Ireland is one of Europe’s most important hubs for the rapidly growing financial and tech industries. With a high concentration of activity in the capital, Dublin has a vast array of impressive buildings, from beautiful old Georgian offices to the cutting-edge office architecture around Grand Canal Docks, that host some of the world’s largest and fastest growing companies including Google, Twitter, and Facebook.

However, the majority of Dublin’s office workers have experienced an issue with internet connectivity.

That’s the key finding of an independent survey we carried out recently to highlight the benefits of efficient and reliable internet services for offices in Dublin.

The research, undertaken as part of WiredScore’s launch into Ireland, highlighted the fact that connectivity issues are extremely common in Dublin, with incidents reported by 85% of respondents. Paired with the fact that 4 out of 5 respondents considered a reliable internet connection to be essential to their company and work, it is evident there is a need to invest in Ireland’s digital infrastructure to maximise its existing potential as a digital leader.

The findings also show that interruptions to internet services have an impact on productivity, even if the internet outage only lasts 30 minutes. In addition to the direct impact that the loss of connectivity creates, such as the lack of access to cloud services, secondary effects such as the increase of employees’ stress levels must also be considered by employers.

It is encouraging to see that Ireland is already looking to address these connectivity concerns, with three in five respondents to our survey indicating that the quality of internet connection was the main consideration for their company when choosing office space.

WiredScore’s launch into Ireland

By launching into Ireland, WiredScore wants to play a part in providing a service that ensures these companies are getting the best value for their investment and can easily find an office that meets their connectivity needs.

As part of WiredScore’s launch into Ireland in July 2017, we are already working with 11 landlords and developers who have committed 2.75 million sq ft of office space to Wired Certification. This includes 25% of Dublin’s development pipeline, ensuring that both the offices of today and tomorrow are prepared for Ireland’s tech boom.

It’s our belief that WiredScore will enhance Ireland’s reputation as a great place to invest and to do business, driving the creation of new jobs and greater opportunities. We look forward to playing our part in helping to attract companies, by providing transparent, globally recognised, connectivity ratings to office locations.

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