Bringing greater transparency to Berlin’s digital infrastructure

News, Germany | Marie Escaich on September 07, 2017

Decision makers in Germany consider internet connectivity is a more important factor than the cost of rent when it comes to choosing office space. That’s according to an independent survey we carried out in summer 2017 to mark WiredScore’s launch into Berlin.

The survey highlighted the importance of a reliable internet connection for German businesses. Respondents ranked interruption-free connectivity, and the availability of back-up connections, glass fibre for high-speed connections, and access to a range of ISPs as the key features they look for when it comes to an office building’s connectivity.

The majority (89%) regard the ability for each employee to have access to a reliable internet connection as either extremely or very important for the business as a whole. And this is hardly surprising when you consider that poor internet or mobile connectivity are known to be responsible for increased stress levels, lower productivity, and a diminished ability to master peaks in workload.

Business success in the digital economy

Berlin has witnessed a digital transformation over the past decade; it has the largest growing start-up ecosystem in the world, with analysts reporting a startup being founded every 20 minutes. As a result, Berlin’s digital leaders have been working to ensure that these entrepreneurs have access to the essential, quality digital infrastructure required for innovation.

"As a growing, dynamic city, we rely on smart digital products and services", says Michael Müller, the acting Mayor of Berlin. "This applies to the real estate sector in particular. Almost 60,000 new jobs were created in the last year alone, many of them in the digital economy.  For these businesses especially, a high level of connectivity will play a central role in their choice of location."

Businesses in Germany are acutely aware of the importance of  reliable internet connectivity, to the extent that two thirds (67%) of respondents to our survey consider an independent review and certification process as a decisive or important factor when selecting a workplace.

Our comprehensive Wired Certification not only gives property managers a better understanding of their digital infrastructure and how well it meets the needs of their current and future tenants, but also helps them to market the positive investments they’ve made in digital infrastructure to potential clients.  

We’re proud to be already working with forward thinking landlords and developers in Berlin such as LaSalle, Tishman Speyer, Brookfield, Hines, TLG IMMOBILIEN, and Rockspring Property Investment Manager.

By continuing to bring greater transparency to the digital infrastructure of Germany’s commercial real estate, we hope to enable businesses across the country to better identify those well-connected offices that will help them succeed in the digital economy.

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