Boosting productivity by future-proofing offices for the tenants of tomorrow

5g, futureofwork, tenant, landlord | Marie Escaich on March 17, 2017

There’s been a lot of hype around 5G recently. With the Mobile World Congress at the end of February and the recent budget announcements, we’ve heard from industry leaders that more needs to be done to make 5G a reality and soon. It’s important to ask what 5G means for the future of work & why exactly it’s so important.

5G has the potential to enable a great many things, but one of the main benefits is the potential reduction in latency it brings.

Research from Aruba HPE recently found that 60% of employees link mobile technology with the ability to be productive while at work, so good signal and reduced download speeds will only become more essential for digitally-minded businesses.

This leap in speed and reduction in latency that 5G offers is set to unlock a range of new platforms and capabilities. T-Mobile, for example, predicts future applications such as the ability to speak different languages while simultaneously receiving translated audio, Verizon talks of an “internet of everything”, and AT&T foresees advances in robotics and self-driving car technology.

Moreover, a recent report by O2 suggests that, six years after its national roll-out in 2020, the direct economic benefits of 5G will have outstripped those of fixed fibre broadband. According to the report, businesses using 5G infrastructure are set to deliver £7 billion directly to the UK economy each year, with an additional £3 billion generated via a knock-on effect to the supply chain. And this economic impact is expected to be delivered at almost twice the speed of fibre broadband.

This means a 5G infrastructure could lead to significant economic benefits for the country. Benefits which might be most evident in the enhanced productivity tenants see from having access to reliable and resilient infrastructure.

Recognising the importance of 5G for tenants, commercial landlords and building managers should be looking to the many in-building solution available to ensure that the necessary connectivity infrastructure is in place so their tenants can enjoy a bright and prosperous 5G future.

With 5G set to further intensify indoor mobile coverage and capacity challenges, commercial landlords and developers need to start planning now to future proof their buildings and ensure that their offices are designed for the tenants of tomorrow.

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