Zeller Realty Group’s 5th Street Towers Achieve Wired Certified Gold Designation

WiredScore, the world’s leading rating system for technological capacity in commercial buildings, and Zeller Realty Group announced today that 5th Street Towers, a two-tower Class A office complex in downtown Minneapolis, has achieved Wired Certified Gold designation for its superior connectivity, technological infrastructure and readiness to adopt emerging technologies. The certification marks the first occupied Wired Certified buildings in Minneapolis.

WiredScore is the pioneer behind the Wired Certification standard that evaluates and distinguishes best in class Internet connectivity in commercial buildings. The Wired Certification is a standard trusted by tenants internationally to verify that buildings have been independently evaluated and certified to provide the Internet infrastructure that businesses require to thrive.

“Each day, more and more businesses are dependent on technology and advanced building systems, and these factors are increasingly essential when top-tier tenants are selecting a new office location,” said Arie Barendrecht, founder and CEO of WiredScore. “As owners of the first occupied property to achieve Wired Certification in the Minneapolis market, Zeller has clearly recognized the competitive advantage in communicating these technological capabilities to prospective tenants.”

In pursuing their designation, 5th Street Towers underwent a rigorous certification process, which included a building audit by a team of leading technicians, evaluating the number of available internet service providers, infrastructure redundancy, connection access points, and its readiness to improve its connectivity. Upon completion of the on-site assessment, a Wired Certification level is assigned to the building based on the official standards developed by WiredScore and its advisory board.

5th Street Towers’ Wired Certified Gold designation indicates its prevalence of redundant infrastructure to prevent internet outages and readiness to accommodate emerging technology. The property scored particularly well due to its access to multiple internet service providers (ISPs) and its capacity to introduce new ISPs to meet additional service requirements as tenant demands evolve.

“We strongly believe that internet connectivity is as essential to the tenant experience as any infrastructural component of our buildings,” said Kevin Connolly, General Manager, Zeller Realty Group. “At 5th Street Towers, we like to encourage our building community to ‘Discover the 5th Element,’ and in many ways, internet connectivity has become our fifth utility.”

Last year, Zeller instituted an extensive renovations program, which is expected to be completed this year. The renovations include updates to the buildings’ design elements and the additions of a new tenant lounge with collaborative workspaces and roof deck. The property boasts LEED Gold and Energy Star certification as well as the TOBY Earth award, which it received in 2012 for environmental friendliness.

Located at 100 and 150 South 5th Street, the 1,063,656-square-foot complex is conveniently located at the convergence of bus and light rail transit systems. The buildings are connected via skyway, connecting the property to local attractions and conveniences of Minneapolis’s central business district including hotels, restaurants, shops, banking services and parking facilities.

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