Why Should I Get My Building Wired Certified? [VIDEO]

Wiredscore | on December 16, 2019


As the rate of technology continues to grow at an accelerated rate, it will have a polarizing effect on real estate, creating landlords who are winners and those who are losers.

Which side will you be on?

Winning landlords will keep up with the pace of innovation, be able to satisfy tenant requirements today and assure them the building is equipped for future technologies. But they won’t be able to do this alone.

Wired Certification gives winning landlords the edge by providing:

1) An unparalleled consulting service that can guide clients to keep up with the pace of innovation

New tenant technology can sometimes feel overwhelming. It's ever-changing, undeterred by a building's existing infrastructure and always in-demand.

Wired Certification provides a roadmap landlords can use to ensure they can meet these tenant requirements. En route to Wired Certification, WiredScore’s expert engineers will conduct a building audit to reveal details and opportunities about a property’s digital infrastructure and connectivity, in addition to scoring the building.

Are there enough points of entry for fiber wiring?

Does the telecommunications room possess optimal security measures?

Will this building be able to support the latest smart building enhancements?

How many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) is enough?

These answers will be clear in either WiredScore’s audit, or are a call or email away with the help of client success managers. Having allies in the ever-changing race to adapt to tenant technology needs not only provides a competitive edge, but peace of mind.

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2) The only marketing tool of its kind to clearly communicate technological superiority to potential tenants and the marketplace, at large

Marketing properties has fallen victim to a similar effect of white noise.

Brochure after brochure, email after email, floor plan after floor plan— it all starts to melt together in the minds of  brokers and potential tenants.

So how does one stand out in the crowd?

Wired Certified Gold

Wired Certification provides a clear and easy way to communicate a building’s technological capabilities unlike any other marketing method in the marketplace. Simply writing “tech-ready” and “plug-and-play” isn’t going to cut it. Bringing the credibility of a third-party organization like WiredScore tells a more compelling story to current and future tenants.

Big tenants today like Amazon and Salesforce, as well as small businesses, are extremely reliant on high-speed, resilient internet connectivity in order to do business. The cost of losing access is simply too high for anybody to afford.

It’s one thing to assure tenants that your building has reliable internet connectivity, but that would be like a restaurant owner writing his/her own Yelp review. Wired Certification is validation from an expert, independent source that tenants can rely on.

Historically there has been very limited transparency about the technology in office buildings. Wired Certification communicates that a building is not only equipped for today’s modern tenant, but prepared for whatever the future will bring.

Are You Ready?

True, Wired Certification is, at least on the surface, an assessment’s score. But the true value of Wired Certification and a partnership with WiredScore lies deeper.

Connectivity and tech-readiness are paramount for today's tenants— they are essential items when searching for a new office location and proven attributes tenants are willing to pay a premium for.

Wired Certification helps landlords realize their portfolio’s true potential by championing  the areas where its tech excels and providing guidance where there is opportunity to improve.

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