What is the Process to Becoming Wired Certified? [VIDEO]

Wiredscore | on December 27, 2019


At WiredScore we have heard the horror stories about other certifications in the commercial real estate industry. Unclear and lengthy timelines. A process that is too invasive, which makes property managers and asset managers shift in their chairs. Poor communication that slows down efficiency and leaves clients in the dark.

We did more than hear these stories. We listened and designed our own process with client happiness as the focal point of each step. We wanted the path to Wired Certification to be as transparent and streamlined as possible with the end result being more insight and fewer headaches for all parties involved.

Wired Certification can vary based on the client and the project, but these three steps are universal no matter the circumstance:

1) WiredScore engineers evaluate a building’s connectivity and digital infrastructure

Working alongside a dedicated customer success team, a client’s first step to Wired Certification is scheduling an in-person building audit with trusted engineers. With the help of the asset’s building manager or engineer, our team will conduct a detailed, yet non-invasive, evaluation of the office building’s connectivity and digital infrastructure. The WiredScore building review typically takes about three hours to complete depending on building size. 

So what exactly will the WiredScore engineer be evaluating while onsite? The WiredScore engineer will be capturing data on the following:

  • The points of entry, or where the underground conduits containing communications cabling enter the building
  • The telecom rooms containing equipment from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) servicing the building
  • The riser closets, or vertical shaft-ways running communications cabling from the bottom to the top of the building
  • The roof, to verify any fixed wireless, cell phone, or satellite dishes

These audits are meant to measure every inch of a building’s infrastructure against industry standards to ensure it meets (or exceeds) what tenants expect today and in the future.

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 2) Report back findings and determine Certification status

Once WiredScore’s engineers complete their audit of the building, it’s time to tally up the score. The key sections of the scorecard that will be evaluated: The connectivity (both  internet and mobile), infrastructure, access and tech readiness, and innovation.

Each aspect of the scorecard has a point value associated with it and when compiled, the building is given a designation of Non-Certified, Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

But perhaps more important than the building’s rating and score are the insights that landlords and asset managers can gain from the report. Wired Certification provides a roadmap to improvement, future-preparedness and a higher score. We have done this for over 2,000 buildings across the globe and know how a building compares to the marketplace.

Your dedicated Client Success Manager will clearly lay out how the building can better its digital connectivity and infrastructure and the first steps to doing so. WiredScore recommends trusted vendors who have a proven track record of telecommunication improvements in commercial real estate.

3) Partner with marketing and leasing teams

In the case of a building achieving Wired Certification, the WiredScore team will partner with a building owner’s leasing and marketing teams to promote the Certification. Your building may have unrealized marketable assets that seem nominal on the surface, but make a big difference in connectivity and attracting tech-forward tenants. Wired Certification unlocks a building’s full potential and brings its tech capabilities to the forefront.

WiredScore ensures that Wired Certified buildings are showcased on third-party platforms like Compstak and brokerage databases from firms such as CBRE and Newmark Knight Frank. WiredScore shares data with those sources so anywhere a tenant or commercial real estate professional might be looking for office space information, they will see that your Wired Certified building is distinguished and stands out from the pack.

For in-person, physical recognition, many Wired Certified buildings elect to display their Certification in the form of a plaque or adhesive in the lobby or exterior entrance. These plaques are available in aluminum or glass to tell current and future tenants that the building they are stepping into achieves excellence in technology infrastructure and connectivity.

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