City of Toronto endorses Wired Certification as "Key Tool for Growth"

Smart Cities Toronto | on October 26, 2017

There is nothing more frustrating in a work environment than a slow or unreliable internet connection. Starting today, Toronto businesses will be able to identify office buildings that offer best-in-class connectivity infrastructure to keep their companies online thanks to Wired Certification. Toronto’s most forward-thinking landlords and developers are pursuing Wired Certification, the preeminent international platform that rates the connectivity and technological capacity of office buildings.

Wired Certification has officially launched in Toronto amid a radical digital transformation in a city recognized as the “Silicon Valley of the North” and a time when 99% of the GTA’s office workers said access to reliable internet is critical in a recent survey on the current state of Digital Connectivity in Toronto.

“Toronto is a global centre of innovation and technology that continues to expand with unprecedented growth including the financial services sector. Our City must use our advantage to attract and retain talent and to continuously improve our competitiveness which also means adopting global standards related to the innovation economy. Wired Certification will assist Toronto as it moves forward within the innovation economy,” says Councillor Michelle Holland, the Mayor’s Advocate for the Innovation Economy.

WiredScore has nine launch partners who have committed to Wired Certification for Toronto office properties: Ivanhoé Cambridge, Hines, Menkes Developments, Cadillac Fairview, Canderel, KingSett Capital, Bentall Kennedy, AimCo, and Hullmark with more commercial landlords and developers signing up in the coming weeks.

More than four million tenants in over 1,000 buildings globally trust Wired Certification as the benchmark for internet that meets their needs. Until now there has been little information available to Toronto’s commercial tenants about the quality of internet connectivity in office spaces. Landlords use Wired Certification to provide that transparency and access to information for tenants. WiredScore also helps commercial owners understand and improve the digital capacity of their buildings and works with developers to design best-in-class connectivity for new developments or redeveloped properties.

“Toronto has one of the most dynamic commercial real estate industries in the world. We are proud to be part of its resurgence by bringing the importance of connectivity to the forefront of the city’s push to strengthen its global presence,” said WiredScore founder and CEO Arie Barendrecht. “We believe WiredScore will enhance Toronto’s reputation as a smart place to invest and do business, driving the creation of new jobs and greater opportunities. Connectivity is a fundamental resource for businesses to operate successfully. We are thrilled to be working with the industry leaders and the City of Toronto."

After conducting an independent survey to highlight the benefits of efficient and reliable internet services in Toronto offices, WiredScore found 95% of the city’s office workers say internet outages and poor connectivity negatively impacts their companies and themselves. 

“Technology is transforming our industry at lightning speed, and is challenging many previously accepted notions and best practices,” said Jonathan Pearce, Senior Vice President, Office Leasing North America, Ivanhoé Cambridge. “We need to continue to adapt, embrace and implement these new ways to offer the best working living spaces for our valued tenants/customers, and obtaining the WiredScore certification for our properties ensures we are doing exactly that. This technological reinvention in our industry will also enable us to best market our spaces to end users.”

"Across all industries, Toronto's tenants rely on high-speed, consistent internet connectivity to conduct their daily operations,” said David Hoffman, General Manager, Toronto-Dominion Centre. “We are excited to join Wired Score as a launch partner and welcome Wired Certification to the Canadian market so that tenants will be able to easily identify office properties that offer best-in-class connectivity."

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