How Wired Certification Can Help Attract Tenants [VIDEO]

| on January 08, 2020



We get it.

This is a results-driven world. Show me the money. What have you done for me lately?

When landlords partner with WiredScore, they expect to attract tenants and it’s not always clear how that’s going to happen.

As one of the few links that connects the commercial real estate world to the telecommunications industry, WiredScore is in a unique position to serve its clients. Our company acts as a one-of-a-kind marketing arm to tenants and a tech-forward reference guide to brokers. By infusing our clients’ real estate expertise with WiredScore’s guidance in the tech sector, the former is better equipped than ever before to attract blue-chip tenants that require industry-leading connectivity and tech-readiness.

Learn to "speak telecom" to potential tenants

The alphabet soup of telecommunications can be maddening.


These are well-known abbreviations for those fluent in telecom, but foreign to most of those dealing with leases and tenants. With concise, simple-to-understand guides and an experienced customer success team, WiredScore empowers clients to effectively speak about their buildings’ connectivity and tech capabilities to potential and current tenants.

When a leasing broker is giving a tour, they might hear questions like:

How quickly can our team move into this space and start working?

What happens if the internet goes down?

How do we know the WiFi is reliable?

At WiredScore, we coach building owners and their brokers to answer these questions. And if they’re not asked, we equip clients with points of emphasis they can hit on that position their assets in the best way possible, from a tech and connectivity perspective. If a prospective tenant has a dedicated tech team with a bevy of questions, WiredScore can help handle these as well.

“Connectivity is probably one of the most critical features for prospective tenants,” said Hanley Koo, Director of Client Services for Dream.  “Clients want to know that they have a partner who values and understands their connectivity requirements. When you receive an RFP and chat with brokers about their client’s needs, not having the right connectivity can be a deal-breaker.”

So when that dream tenant asks about their future office’s connectivity, will you be ready with the answer?

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A Marketing Strategy Unlike Any Other

Let’s take a step back from before the tenant scheduled their tour.

How did they find out about this building and what attracted them to it?

The Vessel at Hudson Yards in New York City

Whether concerning a completed building or one that is still being developed, owners want to form a narrative around their assets. Increasingly, that positive narrative has included -and arguably demands- a tech-forward approach. Wired Certification can act as a lightning rod for sophisticate tenants seeking new space. If you look at some of the most innovative developments in New York City like Dock 72, The Hall in Brooklyn or Hudson Yards, you’ll find Wired Certification designations, as well.

“In today’s market, it is more important than ever to leverage every competitive advantage possible,” said Brad. Weisberg, Avison Young SVP Capital Markets. “Having worked on several financings for ‘tech buildings’, I can tell you that being Wired Certified is a big selling point for the targeted tenants within these buildings. This translates into higher rental rates, better occupancy and ultimately, higher cash flows and valuations which in turn drive better financing terms.”

Wired Certification has acted as a filter for companies who may have begun a search with 50 or 60 targeted buildings, but efficiently cut down their list when only searching for those with a Certification. NYC-based Jones Trading knew it needed internet connectivity with high speeds and reliable performance in their new office. Jones told its JLL broker that they wanted to only target Wired Certified buildings and ultimately signed at Certified Platinum 757 Third Avenue.

And while brokers are combing their databases for Wired Certified properties, we have made it simple for them to do so. WiredScore has partnered with all the major brokerage firms and industry databases like Compstak to distinguish Wired Certified buildings. This makes those assets stand out from the pack and signals to the market their intention to stay on the forefront of technology.

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