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Broker Beat Brokers | on March 21, 2017

How fast is the internet? Will we need to pull fiber into the building?

With the rapid adoption of new technology in the workplace, the needs of today's commercial tenants are becoming more sophisticated each day. Today's business tenants require access to reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity at competitive prices. Brokers should know which building features prepare a space to be well-connected when the client moves in, but keeping up to speed with the latest in building technology can be a challenge. When was the last time a tenant stumped you with a question about building technology during a meeting?

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Is the Internet Reliable? Ebook cover with black border.png

There are a few key aspects to look out for when it comes to internet reliability. Does the building have aerial or underground pathways for cabling? A secure, underground pathway is preferred to reduce failures due to high-winds or environmental damage. Have preventative steps been taken to protect telecom equipment from floods or water damage?

From minor maintenance mishaps to natural disasters, protecting business-critical hardware should be a priority for office buildings. Don’t forget to ask about what back-up power options are in-place for preventing power disruptions. These aspects of infrastructure signal that a commercial property is truly tech-friendly.
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What Back-Up Options Does this Building Have?

Redundancy refers to having multiple pathways for the internet to enter a building or office suite that can be used as alternate or backup internet connections. An internet-dependent business needs redundancy to be able to switch to a different internet pathway in the event of an outage. For a building, this means having two or more Points Of Entry as well as Risers, Dual Pathways and multiple carrier options – all of which can serve as connectivity back-up for a business.

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