3 Ways To Utilize WiredScore Beyond Wired Certification [VIDEO]

Wiredscore | on January 06, 2020


With a name like WiredScore it’s understandable if you did not look far past our company’s globally-recognized Wired Certification designations.

It’s true that at our core, WiredScore is the authority behind a global certification that distinguishes buildings offering best-in-class connectivity. But if your understanding of us starts and ends with the Certification, look a little closer.

WiredScore’s abilities as a company extend to three different areas:

1)    We’ve written a simple playbook for connectivity and tech-preparedness best practices in the commercial real estate industry

2)    We’re trusted guides that can show landlords the blueprint to preparing their buildings for tenants’ tech needs and the future

3)    We’re our clients’ greatest fans. A dedicated customer success team will not only help to improve connectivity over time, but promote your building through proven strategies

A Simple Playbook

Think of some simple hypothetical questions having to do with your office building:

  • What if the internet goes out?
  • What can be done to boost cell reception?
  • Is the WiFi as fast as it could be?
  • Can this building support smart building components?

These are questions that may not be top-of-mind for landlords, but the gravity of their answers rightly brings a level of concern to building owners and their tenants. Employees may not walk into their offices singing praises of reliable internet because they expect it, but the moment the internet cuts out and productivity comes to a halt, that connectivity becomes paramount.

It is WiredScore’s mandate to help landlords prevent these issues before they can materialize. We can advise on preventative measures that help ensure when one source of internet goes out, the entire building will not lose service. We can help buildings prepare for the future with high-powered fiber optic cable compatibility.

In short, we can address each of the above hypothetical questions (and much more) as experts that meet at the intersection of commercial real estate and telecommunications. With this unique tandem of expertise, WiredScore has written a simple playbook for connectivity and future-preparedness that we pass along to clients.

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A Blueprint To Guide You

It’s not too long ago that the commercial real estate industry viewed connectivity and technology as a “tenant problem.” Building owners provided the space and the rest was up to the tenant. However, in a changing environment, landlords are not focusing more on tenant experience and those tenants have raised expectations about their building’s management. It’s no longer good enough to just provide space, landlords must keep up by ensuring their portfolio is future-ready for the client tech needs of today and tomorrow.

WiredScore provides industry-wide thought leadership and advice to guide landlords to solutions that will ensure their buildings can not only satisfy, but attract, sophisticated tenants. Internet service is becoming the lifeblood of successful companies, who rely on it nearly every second of every work day. WiredScore has a blueprint for tech-readiness and best-in-class connectivity that we can cater to a building’s specific needs.

In Denver, WiredScore advised client Beacon Properties to have a radio frequency survey completed on its property, The Hub. The survey revealed opportunity to better the building’s cellphone reception through a Distributed Antenna System (DAS). WiredScore then guided Beacon through the DAS RFP process to save the landlord money when selecting a vendor.

Since working with internet service providers (ISPs) and telecommunications professionals is a regular part of WiredScore’s business, we can pass that expertise and best practices to our clients.

Partners Beyond Certification

This isn’t the type of company where you send in your paperwork, we review it, stamp it, send it back to you and you never hear from us again.  To the contrary, we’re in it for the long haul with our clients, ensuring that they get the most value out of their Wired Certification.

Our client success team will have a dedicated resource that is there to help make complex telecommunication problems easy to understand and the overwhelming, manageable. WiredScore’s technology consulting services, fueled by our operations team, can assist in a plethora of commercial real estate telecommunications areas including:

  • Advising on access/right of entry agreements with ISPs
  • A bi-annual overview of emerging tech trends to keep client management teams ahead of the curve
  • Analyzing possible in-building mobile solutions to boost cell service
  • Identify opportunities to monetize rooftop assets using third-party partners

In addition to consulting services, WiredScore will promote client buildings and their Certification status through plaques, marketing materials and exposure on industry wide platforms like Compstak and brokerage databases.

When New York City-based Jones Trading was looking for new office space, the company informed its JLL broker that internet connectivity speed and reliability was a high priority. Because of this, Jones Trading and JLL only targeted WiredScore buildings and ultimately signed a lease in 757 Third Avenue, a Wired Certified Platinum property.

The relationship landlords forge with WiredScore, exposes their building to a bevy of blue-chip tenants, seeking the highest in connectivity and tech quality.

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