3 Reasons Why Maintaining Wired Certification is Imperative

| on March 17, 2020

It’s imperative to think of Wired Certification as a journey rather than a destination.

If your outlook on Wired Certification is to contact WiredScore, conduct a building audit, receive a score and then not think of it again, you’re not receiving full value from Wired Certification. Maintaining Wired Certification beyond its initial 2-year period can make all the difference when it comes to continually positioning your assets as best-in-class and attractive to potential tenants.


1) Keep Up With Evolving Tech Trends

Technology doesn't stand still and neither does Wired Certification. WiredScore’s experts are constantly examining and reexamining the Wired Certification scorecard to react to the latest trends in tech and connectivity, and some that will come in the future.  We do this to not only ensure Wired Certification’s credibility, but to provide tenants and building owners with a blueprint to best-in-class connectivity and digital infrastructure.

For example, think of the emergence of the 5G network and its technology. Years ago, this wasn’t heavily considered in the Wired Certification scorecard; however, in its current iteration, credit is awarded to buildings that take steps to boost mobile reception for tenants. Specifically, points are awarded for a DAS (Distributed Antenna System), which will be paramount as the demand for 5G escalates.

Maintaining Wired Certification means ensuring your asset is prepared for the future of tech and tenant needs. 

2) Marketability to Tenants

Maintaining Wired Certification means being able to continually brand and market a building as a best-in-class tech destination for blue chip tenants. Building owners have leveraged this opportunity through signage or a plaque on their building, through leasing brochures, a property website or social media post.griffin tower_window seal

Maintaining a Wired Certification also opens up marketing and PR opportunities through improvement. After a building audit, our team of advisors will guide you through measures that can boost your score through enhancements to digital infrastructure and connectivity. If a building improves its Wired Certification (for example, from Wired Certified Silver to Gold) it presents a prime opportunity to publicize the positive news.

3) Continued Guidance

Tech and connectivity issues do not have a time frame to sprout up and go away. Questions regarding internet service going down, providers changing rates or enhanced cell phone reception will persist.

Maintaining Wired Certification means continued access to our team of advisors, who are available to provide specialized guidance on all things related to in-building tech. That means peace of mind to maintain day-to-day productivity while telecom and tech problems act as speed bumps rather than road blocks.

Reaping the benefits of this aspect of Wired Certification can provide asset managers and property managers with a valuable safety net that, if removed, could make their jobs more difficult. Maintaining Wired Certification, and therefore, WiredScore’s consultation services, is a benefit from the top-down.

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