3 tips to make technology the core of your workplace


When you’re looking for new office space—or even renovating an existing one—there’s a lot to consider. What kind of space is right for your people, and your culture? What different types of work areas do your employees need to do their best work? What tools and technologies will make them as productive as possible?

Leading companies are bridging the gap between design, architecture and IT to create truly tech-enabled workplaces that outperform their peers. Here’s how you can do the same.

  1. Loop IT in early

Connect with IT at the start of your office selection process or workplace renovation. Don’t wait until the space is selected or the layout is finalized to see how technology will fill it. Why? Available technology may help determine how you organize the space.

In fact, before even evaluating technology in your space, you need to consider the technology in the building. Is it wired to support your business? Is there adequate access and bandwidth? How about mobile reception? Are ample providers offered?

Early collaboration will eliminate reactive IT—or at least significantly minimize it.

  1. Know your people

The smartest IT implementations don’t focus on the technologies themselves. Rather, they focus on the tasks and teams that will be using them. Determine how employees work and how each space will be used. Where will people focus, socialize, collaborate and so on? Use that insight to select technology that makes sense for the tasks and teams that will use them.

Forget about brands, manufacturers and popular new gadgets. Select only the solutions and services that support the people, processes and strategies important to your company.

  1. Budget for extras 

Parts and installation are only one portion of an IT investment. A successful modern IT construction budget incorporates costs associated with the lifespan of the implementation. From pre-design research to training, communications and post-implementation changes, a comprehensive IT budget greatly increases a project’s success.

In the modern workplace, technology plays a critical role in the success of your people and your organization. More than ever, the quality (and timeliness) of our work depends on the ease and efficiency of the tools we use to complete it.

The best way to ensure a holistic approach to technology is to make it a core component of your workplace strategy from the get-go, and at every step along the way. Learn more about creating your tech-enabled workplace.

This article is a guest post from our friends at JLL TechSpec. Go there for insights and resources to help guide your pursuit of the best workplace—and the best talent—through an agile, innovative approach to real estate.


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