Always on the Go? Here’s How to Keep Up with Commercial Real Estate from Your Mobile Device

Insights | on June 01, 2016

The switch to mobile has been a long time coming and in 2016 service providers of all kinds know that a high-performing mobile platform is no longer a luxury item, but a requirement. As consumers have come to expect easy, on-the-move access to everything from banking details to shopping to bill payments and information on everything under the sun, professionals in most businesses are making the transition as well.

When it comes to real estate in NYC, investors and agents know the speed of change is reaching alarming new heights, and while the residential sector has been gathering a lot of buzz, commercial properties are also among the most attractive in the world.

For business owners in search of a new space to rent, brokers and investors eyeing that next business or retail hub to hit the neighborhood, and even property managers trying to ease the workload in between building visits, mobile connectivity puts all manner of software solutions at your fingertips. Both research and business operations have never been easier.

Renters and Investors, Take a Stroll around the City

When it comes to business, location is key to customer and employee satisfaction, whether it is a retailer or an office-based company.  There is no replacement for a good first round of research on borough and neighborhood overviews, but now you can do even that while traveling or otherwise out of office. You can use a mobile-friendly map service displaying zoning areas, types of buildings, retailers, and business development areas to give you an idea if this is the right place to be.

The next step traditionally comes in the shape of going through online listings, which you can still do using a multitude of platforms, but why not take the opposite approach? Take a trip to your area of interest and look around – see anything you like? A simple search by address in the PropertyShark app will tell you if it’s up for sale or lease; even if it isn’t, it might still be worth a phone call to test the waters.

If by some trick of fate you don’t already know a broker or real estate lawyer in NYC, there are plenty of mobile-friendly websites to help you find one. You can also keep up with your industry reading (such as The Real Deal and Commercial Property Executive) while on the commute, and organize your next business networking event.

Manage Property, Not Paperwork

Though slower to convert than other users, many advancements have been made in online services aimed at property managers. More recently, mobile-based real estate solutions have become available that integrate all aspects of the day-to-day work of a manager: online lease payment, accounting and finance, and construction and property maintenance. Since so much time is spent in meetings and on-site visits, these apps will help managers reduce their dependence on a physical office.

It’s worth noting that the best services also offer a tenant and owner accounts platform, so that all stakeholders are kept up-to-date. This will minimize disputes over billing and document loss, not to mention the time saved not fielding calls and emails over minor inquiries. It will also help owners feel in control of their property.

To complement property operations, some integrated leasing and marketing solutions are now mobile-friendly, allowing managers to easily handle the entire leasing process and communicate with prospective tenants through Outlook. What this means is that you do not need two separate software applications to handle existing renters and new ones anymore. Everyone interested in the property can access information and get in touch using the same tool.

With mobile Internet traffic gaining ground and closing in on desktop browser use, there is little doubt that all online real estate services will eventually migrate to tablet- and smartphone-friendly versions. In a tech-savvy city like NYC, it is time  to take advantage of what the front-runners have to offer–remote access to your office, anytime, anywhere.

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