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Insights | on February 10, 2016

Technology has played a prominent role in the evolution of commercial real estate over the past few years. But while investors and brokerages have been heavily focused on asset management platforms that streamline operations and bump up the bottom line, the industry has widely overlooked an assortment of tech innovations designed to improve office efficiency and give brokers the tools they need to stay on top in today’s incredibly competitive market.

Managing Office Space

Real estate professionals aren’t known for spending their time sitting at desks. For most, a normal day includes plenty of client meetings and site visits – and thanks to modern connectivity and mobile accessibility, many brokers are finding it increasingly easier to get by with only stopping into the office a couple of times a week.

Too frequently, however, brokerages find themselves leasing more space than they need, only to have offices and meeting rooms sit empty more often than not. This misuse of space isn’t limited to real estate businesses though – and it’s becoming more commonplace as a greater number of employees begin working remotely. Luckily, London-founded Condeco Software is waiting with a solution.

By installing motion and heat sensors throughout their office and connecting them to Condeco’s cloud-based dashboard, brokers can measure usage data in real-time and more accurately assess their true office space needs. In addition to discovering wasted space, Condeco’s tools are also commonly used to measure the benefits of consolidating separate office locations, as well as well as by growing businesses looking to gage their need to expand.

Attracting New Clients

For the most part, there’s still a lot to be desired when it comes to finding information about commercial properties. Unlike residential real estate, where it’s typically easy to find information about available listings through centralized databases, commercial properties often remain isolated and hidden from prospective tenants. While most major new developments will have a robust web presence, this is generally not the case with smaller and older buildings.

That’s where SharpLaunch steps in.

For just $99 per month – with discounts in place for multi-building clients – SharpLaunch will create an attractive, fully-functional website from just a handful of photos and listing data about a property. Through the platform’s analytical backend, brokers can see not only how many views their website receives, but also which pages and documents receive the most interest. This can be taken even further by requiring visitors to register and sign confidentiality agreements in order to access sensitive data. With the SharpLaunch platform, brokers no longer need to waste their money on expensive custom websites or their time filling out and logging NDA’s every time someone makes an inquiry.

Improving Presentations

In order to close more deals in today’s aggressive market, brokers must be able to clearly differentiate themselves from their competition. One way that many of the most successful brokers are electing to do so is through the use of unique, well-designed listing proposals and marketing brochures. The downside here is that this can mean outsourcing the task to an expensive design agency or keeping a marketing team on the in-house payroll.

Now, Intelishare is making it simple for brokers to create professional-quality documents in just a matter of minutes, with no previous marketing or design experience needed. Through the cloud-based Intelishare platform, brokers can develop presentations which include detailed comps, financial reports, and full-page maps much quicker and easier than through traditional methods – an invaluable resource when time is of the essence.

With the increased attention to CRE tech over the past few years, it’s no surprise that brokerages all around the country have begun implementing profit-driving tools and platforms into their daily operations. But with so many new innovations constantly coming to market, it’s important that brokers don’t get complacent with their tech, but instead continue to watch for new ways to improve their operations both within the office and out.



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