What Does Connectivity Mean to You?

Insights | on January 28, 2016

What, exactly, does connectivity mean to you? If your idea of “being connected” revolves around browsing the web and keeping up with your friends and family, you’re not wrong – but you may be missing out on some of the most interesting and creative new ways in which modern startups are using their connectivity to make life better for everyone.

To give you a better idea of how connectivity is completely changing the world around us, here are just a few of the industries which are being disrupted though the innovative use of technology:


If you own an iPhone, you’ve probably used its FaceTime feature to keep in touch with loved ones – but have you thought about using your mobile device for a face-to-face with your doctor? You may be surprised to learn that a growing number of medical practitioners are turning to videoconferencing apps like FaceTime and Skype to better connect with their patients. Even if your doctor hasn’t joined the world of high-tech video chat, several popular apps including Doctor on Demand, Maven Clinic, and Curology make it simple to consult with a certified and licensed medical professional directly through your mobile device.


The sharing of information is a concept at the very core of connectivity, so it should come as no surprise that schools and education companies are using the internet to re-invent how we learn. Take, for example, Coursera. Coursera is an education company which offers its users free access to more than 1,500 different online courses and learning opportunities through their collaboration with leading schools like Duke University, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of London.

Interested in learning a new language? Verbling uses their proprietary video chat platform to connect eager learners with professional teachers in 35 different language including English, Arabic, Russian, and Thai.

Real Estate

Although real estate – and especially commercial real estate – is often considered among the last industry to adopt new technology, we’re still seeing a number of companies using connectivity to transform how we buy, sell, and lease property.

One of the companies at the very center of innovation in the real estate field is Mattrport. With their Mattrport Pro 3D Camera, brokers and owners can create realistic 3D models of available space in a matter of hours. After a user takes a video with their 3D camera, all they have to do is upload the file to the Mattrport Cloud where high-end processing software turns the data into a fully-immersive model that can be explored by anyone with an internet connection.

Similarly, New York-based Floored creates 3D models of existing or conceptual office space which can be fully customized by the end user through their Protofit technology. While more advanced than Mattrport’s modeling platform, Floored requires a professional team to take videos and create models, whereas anyone is able to do so with the Mattrport Pro 3D Camera.

And to take things to the next level, both Mattrport and Floored models can be integrated with the Oculus Rift headset to provide a true virtual reality tour of the mapped space.

Even with just these few examples of how modern tech is completely changing entire industries, it’s easy to see that connectivity is the force driving it all. Without a reliable, high-speed internet connection, none of these businesses would be able to operate. And without these innovative new applications of technology, “being connected” would still just be browsing the web and keeping up with current events on social media.

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